Like you many of you, marketing and tech expert Dustin McAdams wants to chase his dreams and change the world for the better. But how do you make a real impact on seemingly immense issues? Where do you start? 

After years in executive roles with top agencies, and a perspective changing experience, he decided to do something different. Something that mattered to him. Dustin believes that entrepreneurs can find the intersection of their passions and the betterment of others to make a positive difference. And he believes that communities have the power, now more than ever, to impact change. “Doing Good”, can be and should be, good business.

The Business Journals referred to Dustin as a Social Entrepreneur for his ability to “make a difference with charitable donations and a solid company mission”. After watching his sister's battle with breast cancer and witnessing firsthand the difference her faithful canine companion made in her recovery, Dustin started his company, PupJoy. It was born of a desire to give dog parents a convenient way to treat their best friends better, and to build a model for doing better business and helping those in need.  

The company is a concierge model, offering dog owners a selection of premium dog toys, treats and accessories from responsible, artisan manufacturers that are delivered right to their doors via a monthly subscription service and an online boutique store. Each purchase of PupJoy supports a variety of causes close to McAdams' heart, including animal rescue and AYA breast cancer, through PupJoy’s Care Pack programs

Dustin has an extensive business background, including an MBA from Bradley University and multiple C-level and other executive roles for top companies in marketing technology, working many of worlds the biggest brands. He is now using that experience to create joy, for dogs and dog lovers, in an innovatively sustainable and socially conscious way.  

Discover how you can become part of the PupJoy pack too at www.pupjoy.com